Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Freeing Sensation of Watsu

Floating effortlessly and weightless in warm water, guided by a healer that gently rocked and cradled my body while stretching and massaging me in dance-like movements felt not only relaxing but close to divine. Performed by Kaaren Sydney, Founder and President of in Miami, Florida, and a new resident of San Miguel de Allende, I experienced an hour long Watsu session that allowed me to let go of all of the tension held in my body. All of the mental chatter and weeks’ events melted away as I surrendered to the moment at hand. The freeing sensation of being submerged in water allowed me to focus on my breath and each movement. It was one of the most elegant mind body experiences that I have had to date.

Based on Zen Shiatsu, Watsu is performed in warm water, usually around 94˚C and preferably in pools that are cleaned with ozonation or salt processes, since healing work should not be done in heavily chlorinated water.

After experiencing this deeply relaxing and liberating Watsu session, Flor Escapes is thrilled to partner with Kaaren to offer a Watsu experience in our Balance Package at Sonjo Wasi that includes an excursion to the therapeutic thermal springs just outside of San Miguel de Allende. Used since pre-Hispanic times by natives, the minerals found in these waters incorporate sulfate of soda, sulfate of lime, carbonate of lime, sodium chloride, magnesium and some sulfuric acid. This combination is known to both heal and produce anti-aging affects on the body.