Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Unforgettable Mexican Independence

Who would have thought that my first week living in Mexico would have included this…a private dinner celebrating 199 years of Mexican independence (wait until next year!!!) in the wine cellar of an authentic Hacienda dating to the 1700s where Emilio Zapata's grandfather once worked? I thought to myself, “umm, can someone pinch me?” I’ve always thought of Mexico as being a magical place but this far exceeded my expectations of holiday dinner party.

I felt as though I was "living history" and had the privilege of partaking in an evening with a small group of true personas that ranged from the property's charming owner, to architects, designers, entrepreneurs and the like who all shared one thing in common; a passion for Mexico and a love for life. The dinner couldn't have been more spectacular, the wine flowed and as the evening progressed the trio performing traditional Mexican music was joined by merrymaking guests that broke out into crooner-like song.

The next day we awoke to an appropriately healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs with “Machaca” (dried beef seasoned with native spices and chilies originated from the ranchers and cowboys of northern Mexico).

With full stomachs and big smiles we all headed out on a five hour “cabalgata” or horseback ride through the enchantingly green countryside surrounding Amacuzac, Morelos. We rode through fields, small towns and the foot hills of a magnificent mountain rage. An hour stop was taken at a lake with glorious countryside views where we - cowboys and cowgirls - enjoyed tequila (we are in Mexico!), fruits, vegetables and pork rind with sauces and lime – yum!

With just over one month living in Mexico it’s hard to explain the generosity and warmth that has been extended to me. I want to take a moment to personally thank the team at Hacienda San Gabriel de Las Palmas for this amazing experience and I know that this was just a prelude for what’s to come next year, when the country will celebrating its 200th anniversary of Independence!

Stay tuned for our spring Mystic Triangle retreat March 22-28, 2010 that is based at this extraordinary property and East Meets West, a “mini” Flor Escape weekend retreat in Malinalco November 21-24, 2009.